Vietnamese Coffee- Scented Candle

Vietnamese Coffee- Scented Candle

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Iced or hot (we prefer iced!), Vietnamese coffee has unique characteristics that distinguishes it from a standard American iced coffee. The blend of chicory with

Café Du Monde's dark French roast coffee gives a pleasant nutty and pleasant bitterness to every sip. 

Sweet condensed milk is commonly used as the dairy base to help balance out the acidic and bitters notes from the coffee itself. 

If you're missing your weekly Sunday coffee shop visit with friends, this candle will bring back those nostalgic feels. Whether your candle is capped or lit, the bold fragrances from our 'Café Du Monde' will make you feel like you're walking into a coffee shop every time you pass by it!

*Burn time approximately 35 hours.

Notes: Vietnamese Coffee, Sweet Condensed Milk, Chicory.

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