About Us

Product Mission:
To hand-craft, distribute and sell the highest quality candles while ensuring product consistency throughout all collections.
Social Mission:
To operate the company while spreading awareness of the vast Asian cultures and traditions through the vice of sentimental and nostalgic Eastern aromas/ fragrances while leaving the lowest carbon foot trail. (All soy wax is produced and crafted in the USA.)
Economic Mission:
To operate the company on a sustainable basis of profitable growth, with the hopes of creating new opportunities for philanthropic efforts and Equal Employment Opportunities in rural Asian countries and the United States of America.
Our Mission:
To provide our customers with experiential candles. We strive to perfect our blends to replicate specific notes that resemble fragrances and aromas we, and many other Asian Americans, grew up surrounded with. If you're adventurous enough to explore some unfamiliar scents, you may just discover a new world of culture and traditions to enjoy.