Why our customers always come back to Baisun Candle Co.

Benefits of our soy wax blend

There are many types of wax chandlers may use to create a candle; however, there are many intricacies and details that could be fine-tuned and enhanced, which not many know about. 

We use an American sustainably sourced soy wax and blend in other ingredients to enhance the unique characteristics soy wax already has.

We have spent a great amount of time researching and testing the perfect ratio of soy wax to coconut oil (and a few other ingredients & procedures we won't go into details about) that distinguishes us from any other candle maker. Through trial and error, we are able to continuously hand pour our liquid gold that'll be consistent throughout each batch during its curing phase. 

At its core, soy wax burns slower and cleaner than any others at theirs. It's just, we've made ours even better. 

Other popular waxes

When you go think of a typical candle, there's an 80% chance that it is made of paraffin wax. 

Paraffin wax:

  • is mass produced.
  • is questionable when it comes to how it is sourced.
  • contains toxins and chemicals when burned.
  • creates harmful pollutants in the space and people you care the most. 

Baisun candles are so pet-friendly, even birds will be able to enjoy them with their owners! (Since birds have front & rear air sacs, and not lungs, paraffin wax is notorious for causing unfortunate and unintentional accidents.)

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